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All Your Yield Farms in One Place

Advanced crypto yield farm tracking and analytics for deFi yield farming professionals.

Yield Farm Tracker helps deFi yield farmers save time by tracking and optimizing their crypto yield farms so they can farm tokens confidently and build more wealth.

Save Time and Farm Confidently

Ditch the spreadsheets and track all your yield farms on any blockchain or protocol with ease – even the newest degen farms!

Spend less time gathering APRs and balances across multiple sites, and more time becoming an effective yield farmer. Easily see your profits over time, including impermanent loss and historical data. See your asset allocation, and compare it with your portfolio strategy – all in beautiful, easy-to-read charts and reports.

Yield Farm Tracker Features

It’s never been easier to manage your yield farms.

Automatic Farm Tracking

We pull in your farm balances, token amounts, LPs and rewards, APRs and APYs, and more to save you time.

Manual Farm Tracking

No more spreadsheets! For unsupported farms, simply add the data manually and we’ll include it in with your farm data in the reports.

Portfolio Analysis

See what percentage of your farms are in which blockchains, which tokens, and which risk profiles, and match it to your target allocation.

Profit & Loss Report

Always know how much you’re making from farming vs holding tokens separately, even as the market moves. Cost basis, impermanent loss, and profits are clear.

Farm Change Alerts

Get notified if the APR on a farm you’re in drops to a certain level, or if your LTV on a leveraged farm is reaching critical condition, so you can make a move or add more capital without getting liquidated.

Farm Sharing

Share your farms publicly and anonymously, or to friends with password protection so others can follow you along in your yield farming journey. Or keep everything for your eyes only.


“Saves me HOURS per week!”

“Finally! All my yield farms with a detailed analysis that gives a clearer picture of how my funds are distributed, which farms are under performing, and helps me know when I should be thinking of exiting any farms and entering better opportunities. This saves so much time and makes me a better yield farmer!”

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